Iran - russia Trade Center

Located in the heart of Moscow, Russia

Informing the exporters of Iranian goods and services, guiding foreign investors

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Iran - Russia Trade Center

Iran Chamber Of Cooperatives

Conclusion of the contract between the exporter and the importer of the product from Iran to Russia

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Study and review of the Russian market

Imports and exports

Special assistance for small and medium-sized companies and knowledge-based start-ups

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International Services Iran -Russia Trade Center

Consulting in the fields of customs, law and contracts, banking and finance, storage and transportation, dispute resolution

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Summary Of Objectives

By establishing a business center in Moscow, the Iranian Chamber of Cooperation has made it possible for all traders, manufacturers and those who want to experience global trade or can take a useful step and succeed in this direction with ease and provide valuable services. And it can be by your side

Our Service

Studying and investigating the Russian market in terms of attracting Iran's exportable goods and services.

Informing the exporters of Iranian goods and services.
Providing consulting services about Iran's economy and business
Providing information about the characteristics of the Russian market.
Guidance for foreign investors who want to invest in Iran

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Export of agricultural products to Russia

The export of agricultural products to Russia has made great progress in the last few years, and Iran has been able to achieve a high foreign exchange income in this way.
But it should be noted that Russia is a European country with strict laws and traders should be extremely careful to export all kinds of agricultural products to this country.

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